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Zandopa Powder contains Mucuna pruriens or Kauncha seed powder processed in a standardized manner in a base of a flavoring agent.
Kauncha in the Zandopa Powder is rich in readily bioavailable L-DOPA, and is a known ayurvedic remedy for central nerve system disorders and as a tonic for the elderly. This powder is useful for those suffering from Parkinson's disease owing to an unknown cause.

Use this ayurvedic medicine for Parkinson's disease as follows-
1. Take 100 milliliters or half a glass of water.
2. Using the 7.5 gram measure provided, suspend the prescribed amount of the powder in it.
3. Stir briskly.
4. Consume immediately.
5. Alternatively, mix powder with water, strain, and then consume.

Use under medical supervision.


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