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Product Details
Vitalage Capsule is a nutraceutical preparation indicated for use as a supplemental aid.

Benefits of Key ingredients:
Vitalage is a powerful health supplement enriched with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins in general are needed for overall growth and strengthening of the various organs. They increase the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and provide energy. The trace minerals are needed for structural growth of the body and are also important co-factors for various processes throughout the body. It also has Ginseng, a Chinese herb. Ginseng improves overall well-being and mental alertness.
Vitalage keeps one filled with energy and maintains good health.
Vitalage fights fatigue, improves mental alertness, and increases ability to handle stress.

Directions of use:
Take one capsule once a day

Use under medical supervision.
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