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Uniformin Tablet SR

Uniformin Tablet SR

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Information about Uniformin Tablet SR

Uniformin Tablet SR is a brand of methylcobalamin in combination and other nutrients. Methylcobalamin is used in treating vitamin B12 deficiency, pernicious anemia.
It is an essential nutrient that helps body to make healthy red blood cells and nerve cells.Methylcobalamin normalizes protein transport in the cells of diabetic patient. It exhibits inhibitory effects on nerve degeneration in people with neuropathies.Methylcobalamin accelerates the metabolic pathways of nucleic acids, proteins and lipids through its involvement in the transmethylation reaction; thus, it exerts a repairing effect on injured nerve tissues. Clinically, Methylcobalamin is the first pharmaceutical product that has been shown to be effective and useful for the treatment of numbness, pain and paralysis due to peripheral neuropathies.
Use under medical supervision.
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