Homethiotar ointment
Thiotar Ointment
15 gm Ointment

Information about Thiotar Ointment

Thiotar ointment is a perfect remedy for chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis and fungal infections. It has antipruritic effect which relieves skin irritation and itching. It contains Salicylic acid and Coal tar.
Role of key ingredients:

Salicylic Acid has fungicidal action, keratolytic properties and also exfoliates skin.
Coal tar is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the psoriasis induced inflammation, itching and scaling.
Thiotar ointment being fungicidal in action helps to eliminate disease causative fungus and repigments the lesions effectively. 
Directions for use:

Apply gently on the affected area, once a day. After disappearance of the causative fungi the skin is likely to appear depigmented . On exposure to sun the normal skin colour will be restored after a few days.
Use under medical supervision.
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