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Sunkroma Spf 50 Gel
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Information about Sunkroma Spf 50 Gel

Sunkroma SPF Gel is a broad spectrum, water resistant, long lasting sunscreen. Sunkroma SPF Gel protects the skin from the most potent UV-A and UV-B rays and provides sun tan protection. The Gel is a mixture of Tinosorb M, Tinosorb S, Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Liquorice, Zinc Oxide.

Role of active ingredients:
Resistant to degradation in the sunscreen, Bemotrizinole provides a complete coverage of the entire UVA spectrum.
Avobenzone is another UV-A blocker providing coverage from the sunlight.
Liquorice extract is a herbal agent featured with smoothening and brightening action. It blocks the melanin production and provides hydration to the skin.
Zinc Oxide helps the skin in two major ways, protecting the skin from UV spectrum and averts the pre-mature aging of the skin.
The blend of these components provides full protection from sunlight and lightens the skin.

Use under medical supervision
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