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Sucon SL Nasal Drops

Sucon SL Nasal Drops


Information about Sucon SL Nasal Drops

Sucon SL is a Nasal Drop which contains saline also known as sodium chloride. A newborn with a stuffy nose may snort when breathing and sound "snuffly." in the first few days of life because in the womb they were surrounded by fluid. It is common for babies aged less than 6 months to have a blocked nose (commonly called 'snuffles'). This is usually due to normal mucus that collects in the nose, which is difficult for the baby to clear. Saline drops thin the mucus and so make it easier for the baby to clear the mucus from the nose.
Sucon SL Drop is a safe and effective remedy for blocked nose in babies without any major side effects

Use under medical supervision.
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