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Stronip Powder
2 gm Powder

Information about Stronip Powder

Stronip powder is an ayurvedic formulation in the form of powder which contains strontium(II) salt of ranelic acid. It is a medication for osteoporosis though unusual in the sense that it both increases deposition of new bone osteoblasts and reduces the resorption of bone by osteoclasts. It is therefore promoted as a "dual action bone agent" (DABA).

Strontium in Stronip powder is used to strengthen thin and weak bones in people who have or are at risk of osteoporosis. It helps to stop the loss of bone and also helps to increase bone mass. This helps to reduce the risk of getting a fracture.
Stronip powder is helpful in Osteoporosis and Postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Directions of use:
2 g daily, preferably it should be taken at bed time at least 2hours after food.

Use under medical supervision.
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