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Stofall Tablet
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Information about Stofall Tablet

Stofall Tablet contains Biotin, Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Natural extract.

Benefits of active ingredients:
Biotin improves how blood flows into the scalp, thus stimulating hair follicles. This in turn makes them stronger and less likely to fall out.
In addition, amino acids are included to strengthen tissues around the scalp.
Vitamins and minerals reduce oxygen particles, thus keeping free radical damage from being a threat.

Stofall Tablet helps to prevent hair from falling out of the scalp. Stofall Tablet works for most hair types as it focuses more on preserving one hair without risking any more hair falling out than what has already happened.

Direction for use:
To reap the benefits of this tablet, consume one tablet after a meal with a glass of water.

Use under medical supervision.
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