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Smf Oral Gel
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Information about Smf Oral Gel

SMF Oral Liquid contains Clove Extract 1.75ml, Cinnamon Extract 1.75ml, Cardamom Extract 1.25ml, Pudina Extract 1ml, Tulsi Extract 1ml, Kapoor Extract 0.75ml, and Madhuyasthi Extract 0.50 ml.

Benefits of Key ingredients:
Clove extract contains eugenol that is having expectorant action and it also work as a counter-irritant for mouth and throat infections.
Cardamom Extract has decongestant property that is used to prevent and treat throat troubles.
Pudina (mint) Extract cools and soothes the mouth skin, throat, nose and other respiratory channels.
Tulsi relieves congestion from respiratory tract and allows for easier breathing.
Cinnamon is used in treating respiratory ailment because of its medicinal properties.
Madhuyasthi Extract is used in treatment of cough and bronchitis.

SMF Oral Liquid is used to gargle for the treatment of oral submucous fibrosis.

Directions of use:
Take 2 drops of SMF Oral Liquid, mix with about 50 ml of water and gargle twice a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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