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Seruzyme Syrup

Seruzyme Syrup


Information about Seruzyme Syrup

Seruzyme Syrup contains Fungal diastase and Papain.

Fungal Diastase is a digestive Enzyme that helps in Carbohydrate Digestion. It helps in digestion of starch, carbohydrates, fats & Proteins. Fungal diastase is used as digestive aid in case of loss of appetite due to chronic illness, stomach fullness and indigestion.
Papain assists in digestion of carbohydrate and protein. Papain has also been used to aid and maintain good digestion. The pancreas releases its own enzymes that pass into the small intestine to break down proteins.

Seruzyme Syrup provides relief from gas, heartburn & indigestion.

Use under Medical Supervision.

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