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Information about Salgva Powder

Salgva Powder is an Oral Electrolyte with Carbohydrates, contains Dextrose anhydrous, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, and Sodium citrate.
Dextrose provides the instant energy required for the body.
Potassium chloride is an essential mineral for good organ function and body, prescribed in hypokalemia and needed for several functions in the body.
Sodium chloride is a salt supplement used to treat low sodium. It helps maintain salt and water balance by pulling extra fluid out of a swollen area.
Salgva Powder replaces electrolytes lost in sweat during exercise.
Salgva Powder is used as electrolytes in chronic salt-losing conditions (diarrhea or vomiting), prevention of muscle cramps during routine hemodialysis, replacement of fluid and electrolytes, hypernatremia and nasal congestion.

Use under medical supervision.

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