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    Rusitone Capsule

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    Rusitone Capsule
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    Rusitone capsule is a haematinic preparation which is composed of Ferrous Gluconate,Folic Acid and Cyanocobalamin
    Role of key ingredients:-
    Ferrous Gluconate is easily absorbed and assimilated for rapid Haemoglobin build - up and is gentle on stomach
    Folic Acid is necessary for DNA/RNA synthesis and for the formation of RBC's
    Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)is essential to prevent pernicious anaemia; formation and regulation of RBC's and for Iron utilization necessary for Hematopoiesis. 
    Iron deficiency Anaemia
    Nutritional deficiency anemia during pregnancy
    Anaemia due to chronic Blood Loss
    Anaemia due to Malnutrition
    Direction for use:-
    Rusitone capsule can be taken orally with water, after meals.  
    Use under medical supervision.


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