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Rumastal Forte Tablet contains Dashmool, Rasna, Eranda Mool, Nirgundi, Punarnava, Shigru, Lasuna and Guggul. Rumastal Forte Tablet is used in Lumbago, Muscle pain, Strain, Sprain, Fibrositis and Myositis.

Rumastal Forte provides prompt and lasting relief from aches and pains. It reduces inflammation. It avoids recurrence of these disorders by strengthening the musculoskeletal system.
Most of the allopathic drugs, indicated for non-articular aches and pains, are associated with the side effects like gastrointestinal upsets, peptic ulcer, etc. Rumastal Forte, being a balanced natural formulation, is free from all the side effects.

Direction for use:
1 tablet 2 to 3 times a day

Use under medical supervision


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