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Information about Revital H Capsule

Revital H Capsule contains a blend of Ginseng Root Extract, 10 Vitamins including Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, Folic Acid, and 9 minerals including Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, & Iodine as active ingredients.
Revital H Capsule is a daily dose of nutrients and daily health supplement with an appropriate concentration of nutrients required for a man to stay fit and healthy.
Key benefits/uses of Revital H Capsule:
Role of Ginseng Root Extract:
- Body Stress: It acts as an excellent adaptogen which helps in increasing body's ability to handle stress. It also improves mental alertness & concentration.
Role of Vitamins:
- Vision, Bones & Teeth, Immunity: Vitamin A, C, & D play vital roles in the maintenance of normal vision, immunity, bone & teeth health.
- Skin, Nervous System: Normal functioning of nervous system and normal skin health is supported by Vitamin B1, B2, B12, B3, E. Also, Vitamin B12 support immunity system.
- Psychological function & Blood formation: Vitamin B6 helps in normal psychological function whereas Folic Acid helps in maintaining normal blood formation 
Role of Minerals:
- Hair, Nails & Skin: Normal skin health, hair pigmentation & hair, and nail health are supported by Zinc, Copper, and Iodine. Iodine also contributes to the maintenance of the nervous system.
- Body Fatigue, Bone & Teeth: Iron plays a vital role in reducing body fatigue and tiredness, whereas Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and  Manganese contribute to bone & teeth health.
Direction for use / Dosage:
- For adult men, one capsule to be taken with one glass of drinking water/milk/juice.
- Take a break of 15 days after 3 months of daily usage.
Nutritional deficiency
Safety information:
- Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.
- Symptoms of overdose may include gastric upset, headache, and increased heart rate.
- Use under medical supervision.

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