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Pyx Proxy Clean Interdental Brush

Pyx Proxy Clean Interdental Brush

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Information about Pyx Proxy Clean Interdental Brush

Spaces between teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay due to food lodgement which can be effectively cleaned with an interdental brush. This ensures complete cleaning of spaces between teeth. It’s convenient for patients with dental bridges and braces and comes in fine (wide interdental spaces) and superfine (narrow interdental spaces) sizes.
Directions for use: Insert it carefully between your teeth. Do not force the brush into small openings. Begin at the back of your mouth and on the outside row of teeth. Use repeated in and out motions in each interdental space. Do not use a twisting motion. Repeat procedure from the inside row of teeth, wherever the space permits. Rinse your mouth after use and brush with your regular toothbrush. 
Wash your Pyx proxy clean interdental brush after use and change your Interdental brush every week.
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