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(200 ML syrup in bottle)
Product Details
Provita syrup is a multivitamin, multimineral preparation containing niacinamide, vitamin (B1, B12, B6, C), folic acid, protein hydrolysate, and L-lysine (10 mg). Protein hydrolysate in Provita is very easily digested and absorbed. Provita is an ideal supplement to fill the protein gap in the diet. Folic acid and vitamin B12 increases red blood cells thereby improving oxygen transfer and energy production. L-lysine is an amino acid which improves appetite thereby increasing weight.
Provita is recommended for poorly thriving children and adolescents as it provides proteins and increases appetite. Provita can also be used as a dietary supplement during pregnancy and lactation.

Directions of use
Take one teaspoonful twice a day.

Use under medical supervision.


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