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Polimes Oil

Information about Polimes Oil

Polimes Oil contains Panchguna Tail, Mahamash Tail, and Saindhawadi Tail.

Role of key ingredients:
Panchguna Tail is an herbal oil and has an antiseptic property. It is used for the treatment of pain related to osteoarthritis.
Mahamash Tail is used to relieve pain of joints, and also pain related to hands, neck, and legs. It is also used to treat headache and migraine.
Saindhawadi Tail is also a herbal oil that is used to arthritis, migraine, and joint and muscular pain.
Polimes Oil is a herbal oil that is used to treat arthritis, joint and muscular pain, and also pain related to head, neck and legs.

Directions of use:
Take a small amount of Polimes Oil and gently rub on affected area.

Use under medical supervision.
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