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(75 GM gel in tube)
Product Details
Pedident gel prevents tooth decay and ensures healthy gums of children in age group of 1-6 years. 
It contains Sodium monofluorophosphate that fights against cavities. It also has Calcium phosphate and Glycerine that help in formation of bones of toddlers. 
It prevents tooth decay and promotes healthy gums It has a fruity strawberry flavour.It contains a foaming agent, which is harmless for children if swallowed. This is especially helpful because most toddlers are not able to master the technique of spitting by this age and some paste might be ingested. 
Directions for use:

For children aged 1 to 6 years and older: Take pea size gel toothpaste on a soft toothbrush, and perform regular brushing of teeth and gums after each meal or at least twice a day.  Brush teeth thoroughly by firmly pressing against the teeth and gums with the bristles at right angle to the outer surface of teeth and the handle parallel to the chewing surface. The child occludes the teeth and the brush is moved in a circle (rotary) action with as large a radius as possible. This technique is effective for young children. Brushing needs to be done at least twice a day for two minutes or as directed by the dentist.
Use under medical supervision.


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