Otski Tablet
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Information about Otski Tablet

Otski Tablet contains Chromium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium.

Role of active ingredients:
Chromium, is as an aid to controlling blood sugar in people with diabetes or prediabetes, to lower cholesterol, and as a weight-loss supplement. It is also used for depression, Turner's syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), lowering "bad" cholesterol, raising "good" cholesterol in people taking heart medications called beta blockers, metabolic syndrome, heart attack, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and binge eating disorder.
Copper is used for treating copper deficiency and the anemia it may cause. Copper is also used for improving wound healing, and treating osteoarthritis and brittle bones (osteoporosis).
Manganese is used for prevention and treatment of manganese deficiency, a condition in which the body doesn’t have enough manganese. It is also used for weak bones (osteoporosis), a type of “tired blood” (anemia), and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
Zinc is used for treatment and prevention of zinc deficiency and its consequences, including stunted growth and acute diarrhea in children, and slow wound healing.
Selenium has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect cells from damage.Selenium supplements may reduce the odds of prostate cancer has been mixed. Selenium has been used for the treatment of asthma to arthritis to dandruff to infertility.

Use under medical supervision.

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