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Opthoblis Gel

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Information about Opthoblis Gel

Opthoblis Gel contains dexpanthenol. Vitamin B5 in the form of dexpanthenol helps to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as treat dry eyes.
Dexpanthenol ophthalmic gel has a cooling and soothing effect on the eyes. It contributes to a better wetting of the ocular surface in case of sensation of dryness, burning or eye fatigue, caused for example by prolonged TV or intensive screen work use, or by the air emitted by heaters or air conditioners. Dexpanthenol ophthalmic gel contains panthenol to protect healthy eyes.
The erosion of the cornea, inflammation, burning sensation the eyes, are common while wearing contact lenses. This can lead to corneal dystrophy for which dexpanthenol eye gel should be used.

Use under medical supervision.

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