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Omnifix E Bandage

Omnifix E Bandage

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Information about Omnifix E Bandage

Omnifix E is a self-adhesive, non-woven fabric for comfortable dressing fixation over a large surface. It is non-irritant and ensures patients comfort. It also enables simple and accurate application for the user, even on parts of the body which are difficult to bandage.

Omnifix E is skin-friendly due to its non-woven support material, permeability to air and water vapour and hypo allergenic adhesive. It can be removed painlessly without residues and does not inhibit movement.

Omnifix E is a fabric for complete-cover dressing retention. It also enables simple and accurate application for the user.

The hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive of Omnifix E reduces the risk of allergic reaction. It permeable to air and water vapour, enabling large areas to be covered. The widthways elasticity of Omnifix E allows its smooth application to joints and angular parts of the body with no inhibition of movement .

Use under Medical supervision.
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