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New Ringcuter Ointment

New Ringcuter Ointment

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Information about New Ringcuter Ointment

New Ringcuter is a brand of salicylic acid, Benzoic acid, Arachis Oil, White Bees wax and White soft paraffin. The moist and warm areas in the skin can develop fungal infections with the development of a ring worm. This kind of fungal infection is created in a circular shape where this infection further develops. It therefore becomes pivotal to extricate this infection and prevent the skin against damages.
Ring Cutter Ointment efficiently cuts this ring and prevents the spread of such infections. It kills the fungus and fungus spores to prevent its further reproduction.

The ointment is not only effective in curing infections from ringworm, but also other dermal infections like Athlete foot and jock itch. These infections develop primarily in the warm and damp areas of the body, which are naturally prone to sweating.
Ring cuter prevents development of fungal infections, hinders the growth of ringworm, cuts the ring to prevent these infections, kills fungus and fungus spores, cures other dermal issues like athlete foot and jock itch.

Directions of use:-
Twice a day usage of the ointment for 7 to 10 days consecutively or as directed by the physician

Use under medical supervision.
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