Nasomist Nasal Spray

Nasomist Nasal Spray

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Information about Nasomist Nasal Spray

Nasomist Nasal Spray contains Sodium chloride. Nasomist is widely recognized as an excellent method to treat nasal symptoms associated with stuffy nose and crusty secretions that often accompany a cold, the flu, and allergies or during pregnancy. It produces a gentIe stream that will soothe the dry nasal passages and gently wash away dust, pollen, and irritants naturally. It helps decongest and drain blocked nasal passages and provides instant relief for pressure and pain.

Nasomist Nasal Spray is used as a daily nasal wash/nasal hygiene, chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, rebound effect, dry nasal membranes, nasal irritation, cold, minor nose bleeds, nasal irrigation/douching following surgeries

Benefits of Nasomist Nasal Spray:
Restores vital moisture, soothingly helps remove thick secretions from nose and sinuses.
Ideal for nasal wash/nasal irrigation in post nasal surgery and chronic sinonasal conditions to flush out excess mucus & debris from sinuses.
Provides prompt relief from dry, irritated, crusted and inflamed nasal membranes.
Safe - can be used as often as needed.
No side effects like rebound effect which usually occurs due to overuse of other decongestants.
Useful for all ages.

Direction for use:
Squeeze bottle in upright position

Use under medical supervision.
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