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More Breath Capsule

More Breath Capsule

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Information about More Breath Capsule

More Breath Capsule contain Ayurvedic Ingredients (Camphor - 25 mg, Chlorothymol - 5 mg, Eucalyptol - 125 mg, Menthol - 55 mg, and Terpineol - 120 mg).

Role of key ingredients:
Camphor acts as a mild analgesic and aids nasal decongestion.
Chlorothymol is a multipurpose phenolic antiseptic that provides symptomatic relief from common cold.
Eucalyptol kills bacteria and eases breathing difficulties. Menthol relieves symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis and similar conditions.
Terpineol has antiinfective properties.

More Breath Capsule are an ayurvedic combination of aromatic ingredients whose natural vapours are inhaled to clear nasal blockages, congestion, and provide relief from various respiratory ailments.

Directions of use:
Cut off the top of one capsule and empty the contents onto a tissue or into half a litre of hot water. Inhale More Breath Capsule vapours up to three times a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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