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(200 GM powder in box)
Product Details
Momplan Powder is a Protein Supplementation during Pregnancy Lactation. Momplan Specially Planned Nutrition for the Mothers. Momplan Powder provides Whey Protein, which is complete source of Amino Acids, Superior nutritional Value with easy digestibility and assimibility, gives higher enzymes protein Efficiency Ratio (E-PER) which helps weight gain in pregnancy.
Momplan has right amount of whey protein thus ensures high nutritional quality protein increases the body levels of glutathione that is a powerful antioxidant and provides Immune protection for both Mother and Neonates.
Momplan has right amount of DHA. DHA is essential for Fetal and Infant brain growth, helps in cognitive development and reduces risk of preterm delivery,enhances learning memory performance,helps maturation of the visual system and helps in better development of visual acuity and intelligence. DHA helps improve Quality and Quantity of Breast Milk. Momplan is fortified with Carbonyl Iron, Vitamin C, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Calcium and Carbohydrates. This makes Momplan a significant Nutraceutical formula with delicious Chocolate Flavor

Direction for use:
2-3 times a day with glass of milk in pregnancy lactation.

Use under medical supervision.


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