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    Merbromin NF Solution

    (20 ml Solution in bottle)
    Merbromin NF Solution
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    Merbromin NF Solution is a topical antiseptic used for minor cuts and scrapes.Merbromin is used as a topical antiseptic to treat minor wounds, burns, and scratches. It is also used in the antisepsis of wound of difficult scar formation, like neuropathic ulcers, and diabetic foot sores. Merbromin NF Solution contains Mercurochrome.

    Mercurochrome due to its antiseptic properties is used widely in the treatment of burns and blisters. It is non-irritating and is used topically on cuts, wounds, skin, and mucosa. Merbromin is useful on infections of the finger and toe nails because it is an antibacterial which kills bacteria and reduces the risk of infection.
    Directions for use: 
    Take little solution on a cotton swab 
    Apply on open wounds after cleaning them thoroughly. 
    Use under medical supervision.


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