Meglow Soap
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Information about Meglow Soap

Meglow Soap is featured with perfect blend of milk protein, kokum butter and active botanicals. It helps in the smoothening and softening of the skin.

Milk proteins along with milk fats and triglycerides helps in moisturizing, purifying and nourishing the skin. Milk proteins provide essential amino acids and natural glycerin to the skin and prevent drying by use of soaps. Alongside they also provide keratin, collagen and elastin and delays ageing. Additionally, milk proteins speed up the skin recovery process. Kokum Butter, often termed as fatty acid rich butter, is featured with excellent emollient properties. It has high oxidative stability and anti-oxidative properties which help in the regeneration of the cells. The kokum butter is quick to be absorbed. Active botanicals impart fragrance, provide healing properties, rehydrate and protect the skin from damage.

Use under medical supervision.
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