Homemegasule capsule
Megasule Capsule
15 capsules

Information about Megasule Capsule

Megasule Capsules provide Ginseng, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 other minerals with B complex factors. It is a comprehensive dietary food supplement that has a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and ginseng.
Multivitamins may be an important extension of healthy eating and helpful in achieving a level of health beyond what is possible through diet alone. Taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle multivitamins help to support and promote excellent health throughout our lives. Many of the chronic diseases share common risk factors and underlying pathologic mechanisms that may be modified by nutrients.
Ginseng has a wide range of effects, including influence on the central nervous system, endocrine and adrenocortical systems, metabolism, blood pressure and sugar, gonadotropic activity, cellular ageing, tumours, and stress. Ginseng relieves stress and increases sexual activity.
Megasule is an excellent revitaliser and is quite useful in: - tiredness, weakness and fatigue. It compensates low intake of vitamins and minerals from daily diet helps to maintain good health.

Directions of use:-
Just one capsule a day for adults, should be taken after meals, preferably after breakfast. It can be taken at a stretch for a month can be restarted after 15 days.

Use under medical supervision.
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