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Mecolin Liquid

Mecolin Liquid

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Information about Mecolin Liquid

Mecolin Liquid contains tricholine citrate and sorbitol. These ingredients in Mecolin Liquid confer hepatoprotective effects and correct constipation and digestive problems. The liquid is useful for those suffering from fatty liver owing to poor nutrition and absorption, obesity, prolonged alcoholism, and diabetes.
It also benefits those with reduced bile secretion, gall bladder stones, and reduced secretion of pancreatic and liver digestive enzymes. Mecolin Liquid is used as a co-treatment in diabetes and constipation.

Directions of use:
Children and adults suffering from liver disorders can take 2 or 4 teaspoons, respectively of Mecolin before food.
In case of constipation, the dose for children and adults is 2 and 4 teaspoons with lukewarm water, respectively, before breakfast.

Caution:Obstructive jaundice patients are advised against taking Mecolin.
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