Homemarkal lotion
Markal Lotion
60 ml Lotion

Information about Markal Lotion

Markal Lotion is a Calamine lotion which consists of Bentonite, Calamine and Glycerin.

Calamine in Markal Lotion soothens the skin and also protects the skin. Calamine along with bentonite has a great cooling effect, neutralizes the heat generated due to inflammatory response. Glycerin is a great emollient.

Benefits of Markal Lotion:
Protects & heals damaged skin
Zinc oxide provides sun protection and aids skin healing.
Skin moisturiser lotion that nourishes skin, reduces itching & redness
Glycerin give extra moisture & kaolin gives smooth texture

Markal Lotion is used during excessive itching, inflammation and dryness of the skin which may occur due to rashes, insect bite, sun exposure and also certain skin infections such as eczema.

Use under medical supervision

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