Magpot Syrup

Magpot Syrup


Information about Magpot Syrup

Magpot Syrup contains magnesium citrate and potassium citrate as main active ingredient.

Role of active ingredients:
Potassium citrate increases urinary citrate principally by modifying the renal handling of citrate, rather than by increasing the filtered load of citrate. Potassium citrate also inhibits the spontaneous nucleation of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate (brushite).
Magnesium citrate inhibits the formation of calcium-oxalate crystals in the urine.

Magpot Syrup is used to make urine less acidic in Gout and kidney stones. It is also used for:-
Optimal maintenance of salt balance,
Prevention and/or treatment of kidney stones,
To promote optimal kidney health,
To prevent calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Use under medical supervision.
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