Lycofit Tablet
10 tablets

Information about Lycofit Tablet

Lycofit is a powerful antioxidant preparation indicated for use as a dietary supplement. Lycofit contains copper, manganese, selenium, Lycopene, vitamins (A, C and E). Lycopene is a natural extract from red ripe tomatoes. It is one of the powerful antioxidant, one molecule of lycopene can neutralize 12 molecules of free radicals. It also prevents degradation of vitamin C thereby increasing its antioxidant action. The minerals in the preparation also provide antioxidant action.
Lycofit exerts disease modifying effect in pregnancy and is an important supplement pre to post-pregnancy. Lycofit is also helpful in diabetes and diabetic complications (polypathies).

Directions of use
Take one tablet once a day

Use under medical supervision
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