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Livokas Capsule

Livokas Capsule

10 capsules

Information about Livokas Capsule

Livokas Liver Capsule is an ayurvedic preparation with is vital for liver function. Livokas Liver Capsule contains Bhuiamalki, Revendchini, Pittpapdo, KutkiBeej, Kakdani, Bhringraj, KasniBeej, Haritaki, Sarpankho, and Kalmegh.

These ingredients assist the liver in its proper functioning and restore it to normal. Livokas Syrup helps in the cleansing of the liver and detoxifying it of the harmful and toxic substances. It neutralizes the toxicity and other related levels of hazardous intakes. Apart from detoxifying, it helps in energizing it for full functioning and cleansing it for normal functioning.

Livokas Liver Capsule is used in fatty Liver, chronic hepatitis, anorexia, constipation, indigestion, jaundice and alcoholism

Directions for use:
Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits the condition.

Use under medical supervision.
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