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Liveret Drop
60 ml Drop

Information about Liveret Drop

Liveret Drop contains Andrographis paniculata, Eclipta prostate, Phylanthus niruri, Cassia occidentalis, Cocculus cordifolious, Solanum nigrum, Tecomella undulate, Ricinuis communis, and Boerhavia diffusa.

Role of active ingredients:
Andrographis Paniculata has hepatoprotective activity and relieves symptoms of jaundice.
Eclipta prostata is useful in anemia, early stage of liver diseases and stimulates liver.
Phylanthus niruri repairs and regenerates liver cells, protects hepatic parenchyma against hepato toxins caused by the drug, alcohol, virus, and improves appetite, digestion and ensures better assimilation of food.
Cassia occidentalis improves digestion, cleanses throat, useful in cough.
Cocculus cordifolious is used to treat various ailments such as cold fevers, seminal weakness and urinary affections, stomach and splenic affections, and chronic gonorrhea.
Solanum nigrum is used to alleviate liver-related ailments, including jaundice.
Tecomella undulata is also used in the treatment of urinary disorders, enlargement of spleen, gonorrhoea, leucoderma and liver diseases.
Ricinuis communis and Boerhavia diffusa helps in improving the liver functioning and supports the body’s ability to expel the fluids from the body.

Benefits of Liveret Drops:
Restores liver enzymes,
Increases levels of detoxification capacity,
Improves appetite,
Cures indigestion and constipation.

Directions of use:
0.25 ml to 0.50 ml 2-3 times a day or as per Physician’s advice.

Use under medical supervision.
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