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Liv Compound Drop

Liv Compound Drop


Information about Liv Compound Drop

Liv Compound Drop is useful in the Management of Alcoholic Hepatitis and other Liver Disorders,Restores and Stimulates Liver functions. It is composed of Saptranga, Kalmegh, Bhangra, Petpapra,Dudhal, Kumari,Daruhaldi, Kakmachi, Sarpankha Mul, Kasmi, Jhan, Bhui Amala, Katuka, Punarnava, Galo, Amla, Pipar, Harde, and Yesthimadhu.

Advantages of Liv Compound Drop:
Liv Compound's bitter ingredients clean the bile and blood and have a mild laxative action and detoxify the Liver.
In damage caused by alcohol, inhibits the production of proteolytic enzymes which are responsible for the decreased protein synthesis.
Promotes Regeneration and repair of the liver.
In anorexia promotes appetite and accelarates metabolism
An excellent liver tonic with cleansing and building properties.

Liv Compund Drop is used in the treatment of:
Alcoholic Hepatitis
Sluggish Liver
Loss Of Appetite
Jaundice & Infentile Liver Disorders
Early Cirrhosis of Liver
Propylaxis against drug induced hepatotoxicity
Liver Dysfunctions

Use under medical supervision.
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