Ligand Syrup
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Information about Ligand Syrup

Ligand Syrup contains Bhringraj 400 mg, Bhui Amla Extract 200 mg, Punarnava Extract 100 mg, Kasni 100 mg, Revand Chini 100 mg, Kakamachi 100 mg, Sarpankha 50mg, Haritaki 50 mg, Amla 25 mg, Kalmegh 10 mg, Saunf 10 mg, Arjuna 10 mg, Kutki 5 mg, and Guduch Extract 5 mg.

Ayurvedic ingredients used in Ligand Syrup is useful in the treatment of liver problems and diseases. These ingredients have strong hepatoprotective and hepatogentic actions and improve liver function and metabolism, and stimulate bile secretion.

Ligand Syrup is used to treat viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease, pre and early liver cirrhosis, and weight loss and anorexia. It also enhances hepatocyte regeneration, act as antioxidants and rejuvenates the liver.

Directions of use:
Take two teaspoons Ligand Syrup two to three times a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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