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Libero Newborn Diaper

Libero Newborn Diaper


Information about Libero Newborn Diaper

Weight: Specially designed for very small or premature babies of weight 0-2 kg.
Libero Newborn Diaper have a Specially designed for very small or premature babies and shaped front that does not press against the navel.
It is very comfortable to wear. It has-
Net-like surface: Libero diapers have a special net-like surface that absorbs the loose stools this minimises the risk of leaks.
Absorption pockets: absorption pockets at the front and back.
Narrow gusset: It has soft elasticated section with a snug, flexible fit, which also prevents leaks both front and back.
Free Flex: These smart, stretchy elastic strips and fasteners, the shape of the diaper adapts to soft thighs and round baby stomachs.
Nordic Ecolabel certification
Libero Newborn bears the Nordic Ecolabel, which means that the diaper has minimal environmental impact and is regularly controlled.
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