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Lacolite Syrup

Lacolite Syrup

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Information about Lacolite Syrup

Lacolite Syrup is a low osmolarity ORS contains Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Sodium citrate, and Dextrose (anhydrous).
Sodium Chloride are essential in body to make fluid balance. Sodium chloride is utilized by body cells for its normal function.
Potassium is an extremely important electrolyte that functions in the maintenance of water balance and distribution, acid-base balance, muscle and nerve cell function, heart function, kidney and adrenal function.
Dextrose anhydrous is the purest form of dextrose, commonly called glucose. Dextrose anhydrous provides instant energy. It is the primary ingredient in oral rehydration salts (ORS).
Lacolite Syrup is recommended for gastroenteritis, electrolyte imbalance, heat stroke/ exhaustion, correction of dehydration, control of diarrhea and vomiting, and other dehydrations such as sports related dehydration problems
Direction to use:
Depending upon the degree of dehydration: Children: 1 – 2 liters/day. Adults: 2 – 3 liters/day.
Use under medical supervision.
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