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Information about Kld Lotion

KLD Lotion is medicated lotion which contains Wheat Germ Oil, Milk Powder, Tankankhar, Sandal Oil, Til Oil, Rose Water , Indian Berrberry, Banyan Tree, Zasatphool and Sarasaparilla.
KLD Lotion moisturise, rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin. KLD Lotion is recommended in Pregnancy Stretch Marks and Chloasma (tan or dark skin discoloration).
Benefits of key ingredients:
Milk Powder provides smooth shining lust to skin. Nutritional and moisturizer. Treats discoloration of the skin.
Sandal Oil acts as an astringent. Tones up the skin.
Rose water smoothens skin, protects skin from sunlight, avoids discoloration.
Banyan tree acts as an astringent. Tones up the skin.
Zasatphool is antiseptic, and exhibits soothing & astringent.
Tankankhar possesses antiseptic, soothing, and astringent properties.
Til oil has soothing effect on skin, maintain the skin smooth & shining. Provides nutrition.
Indian Berberry cures discoloration of skin, tones up the skin, acts as an astringent.
Sarasaperilla maintains normal texture of skin.
Direction for use:
KLD Lotion is a medicated lotion. Apply directly on affected area for soothing and moisturising effect.
Use under medical supervision

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