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Kids Bunny Gel
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Information about Kids Bunny Gel

Kids Bunny Gel contains Sodium monofluorophosphate which is a medicated fluoride oral gel. 
Kids Bunny Gel has a very palatable flavor and is widely accepted by children. It is used to remove plaque, protect tooth enamel from attack by bacteria that cause dental cavities and remineralize the areas of the tooth that have been attacked by acids from bacteria.
Kids Bunny Gel  does not contain too much chemicals and is not harmful to children if they swallow it. 
Directions for use:
Kids Bunny Gel should be used 1 to 2 times per day. 
Put pea sized toothpaste on the brush. 
Brush your kid's teeth with the medicated gel as directed by your dentist to provide maximum protection for your kid's teeth. 
Use under medical supervision.
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