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Triphaladi churnam is a combination of herbal ingredients Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Amla and Yashtimadhu. It is potent astringent. It can be boiled with water and filtered. This decoction acts as herbal wound healing. Triphaladi churnam is rich in antioxidants, good for eyes, spleen, liver, useful in diabetes, and acts as rasayana (antiaging). It can also be effectively used for natural herbal bowel cleanse and herbal colon cleansing.
Triphala- Amla, Vibhitaki and Hareethaki has significant effect over the diseases which affect the eyes, skin and digestive system. The powder in its decoction- form has rendered incredible results in soothing the inflammatory condition of eye and skin. It also has its appreciable action in mitigating disorders related to digestive system, being a mild and safe laxative. Triphaladi churnam in its powder form is mixed with an appropriate medium as a supportive medicine (water, honey, ghee etc) for tissue-revitalization and cellular regeneration. It strengthens and replenishes the degenerated nervous and muscular system, especially those associated with eyes.

Use under medical supervision.


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