Juene Tablet
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Information about Juene Tablet

Juene tablet contains Biotin,Tocopheryl Acetate (VitaminE),Calcium pantothenate,Elemental selenium,L-arginine,L-cysteine,L-lysine,Magnesium oxide,Manganese sulphate,Methionine,Niacinamide, and Zinc oxide.
Juene tablet is a hair-growth supplement that contains the right nutrition to give strong, shiny and healthy hair by stopping hair fall. It improves the hair structure, strengthens the hair, and increases the resistance of the hair to mechanical and chemical damage and damage caused by sunlight.
Juene tablet are used as a dietary supplement that helps with healthy hair growth as well as prevents hair loss. It is also useful in Hair loss due to changes in the hair structure (stressed, thin, inelastic, brittle, lifeless, dull and colourless hair).

Benefits of active ingredients in Juene tablet:
Necessary for the prevention of excessive hair loss.
Improves oxygenation of hair folicle
Helps in the prevention of hair loss.
Necessary for the growth of hair, reduction of hair thinning, breakage of hair, greying and prevention of dandruff
Potent anti-oxidant protection to the hair follicle, facilitate longer hair growth.
Renews the cells that aid the growth of hair and prevents hair from premature graying and hair loss.
Juene tablet can be taken orally with water, after meals. 
Use under medical supervision.

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