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Inhex Mouth Wash

Inhex Mouth Wash

100 ml Mouth Wash

Information about Inhex Mouth Wash

Inhex Mouthwash has Chlorhexidine gluconate which is a bisbiguanide antimicrobial agent, anti-infective and an antiseptic agent. This rinse helps to control and kill the bacteria in your mouth that causes gum disease. Chlorhexidine has powerful antibacterial properties and can be especially helpful in maintaining a healthy mouth after a teeth deep cleaning procedure such as tooth scaling and root planing.

It contains Chlorhexidine gluconate: 0.20 %. Chlorhexidine, a topical antimicrobial agent, is bactericidal. Chlorhexidine molecule reacts with the microbial cell surface to destroy the integrity of the cell membrane. This mechanism of action makes it highly unlikely for the development of bacterial resistance.
Use under medical supervision.
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