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IMC Acupressure Pads

IMC Acupressure Pads

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Information about IMC Acupressure Pads

Benefits IMC Acupressure Pad:
Helps in increasing height, relieving muscular and body pain, improving resistance power of the body. 
Reviving, rejuvenates promotes the growth of cells, tissues and increases the number of Red Blood Corpuscles. 
Reducing body tiredness, stiffness, and swelling, relieving mental stress, anxiety, and depression.
Normalising the blood pressure, reducing cholesterol level, clotting in the blood and stimulates blood flow. 
Stimulating the brain, heart, and muscles, regulating respiratory, nervous, circulatory, digestive and genitor-urinary. 
Keeping the body energetic, healthy, tone-ups whole body mechanism and improves the productivity. Relieves foot corn, pain in knee joints (arthritis), foot ache, foot swelling, foot cracks, migraine, sinus problem.
Use under medical supervision.
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