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Hydratum Lotion
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Information about Hydratum Lotion

Hydratum Lotion is a perfect blend of skincare components such as Aloe vera, Vitamin E, squalene, olive oil, sodium lactate, sodium pyrrollidone carboxylate, glycerine and dimethicone.

Aloe vera, Squalene and Vitamin E repair the skin by retaining water, conferring antioxidant effects, lubricating the skin surface, and promoting collagen production. The remaining ingredients help to retain skin moisture by reducing water loss from and increasing water absorption into the top skin layer to make the skin soft.

Hydratum Lotion benefits those suffering from eczema, winter dryness, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, xeroderma, and contact dermatitis as it can relieve skin dryness and restore skin health.

Use under medical supervision
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