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Himalaya Baby Diaper S

Himalaya Baby Diaper S


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Information about Himalaya Baby Diaper S

Himalaya Baby Diapers contains Aloe Vera and Yashada bhasma as major ingredients.

Available sizes:
S, M, L

Key benefits/uses of the major ingredients:
Yashada Bhasma & Aloe Vera: Inhibit the growth of microbes and prevents diaper rash by forming a protective anti-rash shield and reducing the harmful enzyme activity.

Salient features of Himalaya Baby Diapers:
- Unique and easy-to-fit design
- Provide the greatest comfort
- Hypoallergenic and free from fragrances
- Clinically tested

How to use:
- Clean the diaper area with baby wipes.
- Place the diaper below the bottom and adjust it below the navel.
- Pull and fix the side tapes in a symmetrical position.
- Readjust to ensure a comfortable fit.
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