HI Bone  Caplet
30 caplets

Information about HI Bone Caplet

Hi-Bone Caplet contains Calcium Dibasic Phosphate Dihydrate 250 mg, Bonistein 15 mg, Vitamin K 1 mg, and Vitamin D 200 IU.

Role of key ingredients:
Calcium Dibasic Phosphate Dihydrate is used to treat calcium deficiency in people who do not get sufficient calcium from their regular diets.
Calcium is essential for the healthy development and growth of bones.
Bonistein is a food component which improves bone health and prevents it from weakening.
Vitamin K helps in keeping bones dense and strong, and reduces the risk of fractures due to ageing.
Vitamin D helps in proper functioning of minerals and fights against calcium deficiency to keep bones strong.

Hi-Bone Caplet is a supplement for bones and joints. It prevents and treats osteoporosis in pre and post-menopausal women.

Direction for use:
2 Capsule daily (if soybean or soybean product consumption is low)
1 Capsule daily (if soybean or soybean product consumption is enough)

Use under medical supervision.
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