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Hapdco Baryta Mur. Trituration Tablet 3X

Hapdco Baryta Mur. Trituration Tablet 3X


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25 gm Trituration Tablet

Information about Hapdco Baryta Mur. Trituration Tablet 3X

Baryta muriatica is recommended for mental weakness, insanity, enlarged glands and sexual excitement we have a group of symptoms hard to cure. These symptoms are associated with profound increasing muscular weakness. The homeopathic remedy Baryta muriaticum is strongly related to the nervous system. This remedy is most suited for individuals having an inclination to develop an aneurysm (a condition wherein an artery enlarges like balloons). 

Baryta muriaticum is recommended for treating cerebral disability in children who have delayed development as well as for the aged people having some kind of mental retardation. This homeopathic remedy is mainly used to treat symptoms associated with nervous disorders, for instance, seizures, which may be occurring every so often, accompanied by restiveness, rigidity and a loss of emotional response. In such cases, the hand and feet of the patients may distend, while they may have a sensation that their limbs are heavy and paralyzed. They also experience wobbliness and jerking. 

Baryta muriaticum is also given to people with engorged glands, probably the parotid or cervical glands, together with the aching throat and perhaps tonsillitis. People enduring symptoms of stroke or acute eczema are also likely to respond excellently to this homeopathic remedy. 
Use under medical supervision.
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