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Hamdard Arusak
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Information about Hamdard Arusak

Hmadard Arusak contains mazoo sabz, vaseline safaid, Colour Red (Oil Soluble).

Key benefits of Hmadard Arusak:
Tones up the lax and sagging vaginal musculature specially after child birth or because of advanced age.

Direction for use:
After 8 – 10 days of menstrual period, two pieces of spong or cotton wool, soaked with Arusak, to be inserted in the vagina on both sides. Attach strong thread with it to pull out the sponge or the cottonwool easily. On getting up in the morning, the pieces of sponge / cotton wool should be picked out. One tube of 50 Gms of Arusak is sufficient for 15 days. Coitus is to be avoided during the treatment, but also three days before and after the application of Arusak.

Safety information:
keep out of the reach of children.

Use under medical supervision.
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