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Gutnor Capsule

Information about Gutnor Capsule

Gutnor Capsule is a herbal Capsules recommended to be used as an anti-diarrhoeal and gut function stabilizer.
Gutnor has several properties such as anti-pathogenic, anti-enteritis and gut friendly agent. The capsule contains several herbs which serves as a supportive therapy for the control of diarrhea (bacterial, protozoal and parasitic) and irritable bowel syndrome. Gutnor is featured with anti-secretory action and does not allow the accumulation of fluids in the lumen of the bowel. This consequently averts the loss of electrolytes. It also aids in inhibiting the colonisation of the entero-pathogenic bacteria and prevents the onset of fulminant diseases.

Directions of use:
Gutnor capsule is indicated to be administered twice/thrice daily (adults).

Use under medical supervision.
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